Monday, May 16, 2011

Music Monday- YYY YELLE!

Ok, it is a little late in the day, but Monday none the less.

So a few weeks ago Yelle, the french electric pop trio, played at Fitzgeralds. The place was jam packed, the air conditioning was non-existent, and the energy was turned all the way up! Those things combined made one amazing show/dance party/ cardio workout. Front woman, Julie Budet, put on an amazing show, with rad costumes/ stage wear, energetic dance moves, and just all around cuteness. I left that show drenched in sweat and ready to keep moving which is always a good sign!

So I do not own a nice camera and wasn't able to get any shoots or clips from the show. Instead I leave you with a you tube video to get your ass shaking! Have a super night :)

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