Sunday, May 15, 2011

Haute Wheels Houston!

This weekend marked the first food truck festival for Houston. Food trucks from around the city gathered to feed the mouths of the hungry. Although things did not run smoothly, understandably, I still had some amazing goodies.

I started the day off with 2 scrumptious cupcakes from mmm cupcakes, one was cookies and cream, the other has slipped my mind but it was super yummy! Then a vegan panini sandwich from Seed, it had a spicy garbanzo spread with spinach and plantains. Next, I gobbled down sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo from Cut&'Fry...and when I say gobbled I mean gobbled which doesn't really happen that often with me. I am truly a slow eater. After that, I sampled some fried chicken and waffles from Zilla...I probably could have had my own plate, but refrained from doing so.

After walking a few laps around the parking lot, I headed for the Katfish Kitchen and got a kids meal that had 3 pieces of catfish, fries and a hushpuppy. Oh snap! I almost forgot to mention the cake balls from Angie's Cake. Those things were no joke, and really capped off the day sweetly!

Because I was in a food coma and was unable to think or move for that matter; I only took a few pictures....

Below are the links to the trucks i mentioned, just in case you want to have your own makeshift food truck fest. Which I would definitely be interesting in doing...

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