Thursday, June 9, 2011

San Fran Summer

So day one set the bar high for my summer here in San Francisco, not really. It was an uneventful day but a day full of wandering around, exploring and getting to know the Mission area of SF. My first stop of the morning was San Francisco Center for the Book. I will get to help out in a few events here that are pretty cool.

After I got to check out the place I had the day free to roam around. I basically walked down Valencia street between 16th and 24th. Stopped at basically every shop, had some an amazing chai latte at The Summit, then headed over to Dolores Park to relax from all the walking.

Here are links to some of the shops I went to:

Later in the evening, I went to dinner and drinks with some friends....Overall, day one consisted of getting to know my surroundings, I am looking forward to many adventures while I'm here...I'll keep you posted!


p.s. I took lots of photos on my phone, but my phone is not cooperating at the moment, so from now on i will use my for sure next time ;)

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